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Having worked in every major oil and gas play in N. America, our specialists have the expertise to deliver a wide range of reliable geological services that can enhance oil and gas development and drilling.  

  • Geosteering:  We provide accurate wellbore positioning needed for landing and staying in the zone.  This includes dip rate, position of bit in the stratigraphic section, drilling targets, and the location and throw of faults.  

  • Geo-Evaluations/Operations/Project Mgmt. :  Utilizing the latest mapping software and techniques HSI can provide geological analyses, lease hold assessments and prospect evaluations.  HSI offers geological operations support, including pre-spud preparations, drilling operations and project management.  

Our Service Offerings

  • Geo-Tech/Data Management:  We can meet your data processing and interpretation needs by providing a customized data management package.  

  • Application / IT Support:  HSI has a team of experienced IT and application support specialists who can provide one-on-one support, mentoring, training and work flow analysis as well as installing, optimizing and maintaining applications and systems.    

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