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If you want to have confidence in the geosteering of a drilling lateral, then leverage the team at HSI.  Geosteering is second nature to us.  We have successfully geosteered hundreds of wells in every major unconventional play in North America.  Our interpreters average over 24 years of E&P experience and over 12 years of geosteering experience.  All our geosteering interpreters have BS or MS geology degrees.  Many of our staff have geosteered over 1,400 laterals, individually.  Our staff has experienced just about every horizontal drilling situation imaginable over the past 20+ years. 


We have experience you can trust, when drilling decisions are critical! 

  • TrueTime™ Geosteering (TTG) – Advanced 24/7 Geosteering Surveillance, 2 person shift team. Ideal for fast, high ROP drilling or when drilling may be complex or risky.

  • Premier Geosteering Service (PGS): Senior Geologist assigned to the entire lateral, single point of contact, On-Call 24/7.

  • Active Guidance (AG) -   Our consultant interacts directly with the DD to direct target line adjustments and directives for landing and maximizing objective penetration.  

  • Post Drill Analysis (PD) -   After drilling a well, a full geosteering evaluation of the lateral can be performed


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