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Original Geosteering Image

You have probably seen this image before.

This image depicting the concept of geosteering can be found in numerous articles, websites and advertisements. It's also easy to find and copy from the internet when a search is done for geosteering. AAPG uses this image often when it mentions courses or conferences related to geosteering.

The image was created and designed by the founder and owner of Horizontal Solutions International (HSI), Ken Bowdon back in 1998. It demonstrates HSI’s Trade Mark concept called the True Stratigraphic Position (TSP) which Ken first conceived back in 1992. TSP is the position of the wellbore relative to a reference stratigraphic horizon such as the Top of Target. TSP is negative (-) when well is above the top of Target datum and positive (+) when the well is below it. TVD is the depth of the wellbore below a surface datum. It does not provide an accurate location within a formation as you drill horizontal.

Ken Bowdon helped pioneer the geosteering technique of correlating MWD to vertical wells using gamma ray and resistivity logs back in the late 1980s. Since then HSI has geosteered over 11,000 horizontal wells in every horizontal play in North America and many others around the world.


Avoid completion across faulted zones that may:

• Create a pathway for water encroachment

• Create a permeable zone that may reduce effectiveness of FRAC

• Proper placement of wellbore within the section will help in FRAC containment and keep the wellbore away from possible water sources

• Certain stratigraphic zones FRAC better than others. Identifying those that do FRAC better can help with the design of FRAC stages. It can also help with the design future wellbore plans to stay in them. Both should improve EURs


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