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New Latnav.Net includes many great features!

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Our latest version of includes many great features that have been requested by our users!

Some of these include the following:

· One page report functionality – This allows the interpreter to create a one page synopsis of the well, to provide along with their regular daily reports, or in place of. They can customize the tracks included, information provided, etc.

One Page Report

· Series Data – this allows the client to provide specific data related to the well, to be charted alongside gamma, for reference.

· Waypoints – This allows the client to provide specific waypoints to be charted alongside series and/or gamma data.

Waypoints & Series data

· Labels – The labels functionality has been made much more robust. The user can now click and drag their labels on reports, they can reposition them easily, and the editor is much more intuitive and user friendly.


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