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Why Outsource your Geosteering to HSI?

When you drill an oil and gas horizontal well, you should always plan to geosteer the lateral. Why? Because it will help save drilling dollars, improve drilling performance and help with completions. But who will provide the geosteering? Will you, or will you outsource it?

There are some compelling reasons why HSI should geosteer your wells. First, we provide competent, experienced personnel on a short or long-term basis without the burden of hiring and training your own professionals. Second, you choose the level of control. We operate for you and report to you regularly. You define the functions and schedules to fit your needs. You delegate the degree of decision making and responsibility that fits your business.

But probably the major reason for outsourcing to HSI is you pay for experienced personnel and services only when there is a need. You will avoid the long-term costs and headaches of hiring staff and later having to reduce and cut them. Costs over time for employees can often exceed outsourcing for certain professional services such as geosteering and geotechnical consulting services.

We can make it convenient and easier for you to better manage your core business by shifting the geosteering to us. Let us free up your time so that you can focus on managing the asset. Also, we are one less liability or possible safety concern on the well site.

When it comes to performance, we are the leader. Over Twenty-two years of service to our clients providing systems and knowledge that uniquely set us apart and allow you the benefits without the direct costs. We have LatNavNet, our robust geosteering application with a cloud based Well Data Mgmt System (WDMS). Easy to use, team collaborative and it links to any machine, anywhere. Our oil and gas professionals average more than 25 years of industry experience. Use our expertise to add value to your projects by putting that experience to work for you. We are a geosciences company with a mission to exceed your expectations by doing more than just meeting your needs. We strive to be the best outsourced geo-consulting service and provide cost effective solutions for our clients.

Our goal is the help you “Stay in the Zone”. Contact us regarding your current and future drilling activity.


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